About Us

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At Don Kamaron, we invite you to have your food prepared the way it is supposed to be! Come and enjoy fresh seafood as if you were at home, with the same attention and detail given to every plate. Nothing overlooked! Come and feel at home in our family friendly atmosphere and at a place with a unique flavor and taste that you can only find here. When Don Kamaron was founded in 2003, we were one of the pioneers in bringing Portland, Oregon a true, authentic style of Mexican seafood. We are very proud to start to show everyone, not only Portland, what Don Kamaron is all about. We are family owned and operated and our approach to food is guided by our values. Our values are honesty, integrity, and making food that we are happy to eat and enjoy ourselves and with our families. We are constantly learning and improving in all aspects of our work. That is why we love what we do and why our customers have a great time here with us!